YHC ran to SRC from home. I wanted to log around 15 miles. I had just around 5 miles by the time I arrived at the AO.  I decide to map out the 5.5 mile route on my new Garmin Fenix and use the turn by run directions. This could be good or bad.

The Thang:

We started out down Greenville Blvd. towards Walmart and took a left down Landmark St. entering The Pines! This is the point where everyone forget where they were. Turn by turn navigation worked pretty good for the most part. We continued to go back for the six at each stop sign. Unfortunately we got to a point where I was told to turn and the road dead-ended. I had to call an audible to get us back on track. This added at least another .5 mile to the route.

We went back for Brass Monkey because he missed a turn and we thought he was pretty close, but he was nowhere to be seen. In order to keep the rest of the pax on time, I had to make a decision to get us back on course. We headed back towards Greenville Blvd. and to Starbucks. Fortunately, Brass Monkey found his way back and fell in line with the rest of the group. It all worked out. Some pax ended up with 7 miles.


Even if you make the route shorter always remember some may still get lost. Always double check and go back for the six. Don’t make so many turns in a route. Lesson learned… maybe not. YHC ended up with 20.5 miles.


  • YHC had an interview on September 9th. Still waiting to hear back.
  • Brass Monkey – Trombone Recital
  • Our nation, leaders and election – God’s will


  • First Born Comm Dev Center – Feed 5000 – November 21, 2020
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