14 PAX met on Tuesday morning. Dirtbag did not know he had the Q. His site Q (me-Woody) was unable to get up with him as he lives practically off the grid! However, gamer that he is , he gladly took on the challenge.




The Thang:

Immediately moved to the KB’s:

Goblet Squats IC, Squat with clean and press IC, Lawnmowers,  skull crusher rotations

Next we Indian ran to the “Stairway to Heaven”. Paired up and as one ran stairs, other partner did wall sits, next set- balls to wall and last set- planks. Indian run back to AO.

KBs- Lunges each side, lunges with KB passthrough. Q took suggestions- American Hammers, WW IIs, (I may have forgot some or correct order)

Mosey down boardwalk to benches. One partner did 20 derkins off railing while other did 20 Dips. Rinse and repeat. Time getting short so audible called for jailbreak on mosey back .

COT: Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama. Prayer requests. Help needed on Saturday October 19th to move Pigs for smoke on the water (Wolverine in charge). That Saturday will be Q versus Q with FIA led by Largemouth as fund raiser for Blake Collie family



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