This was YHC’s second opportunity to Q “Kettlebell Tuesday” and since there was a lot of standing around doing upper body circuits the first time, I decided to keep the PAX moving on this round.


  • 15 Good Mornings IC
  • 25 Side Straddle Hops IC
  • Around the block fast-pace mosey (Bonner, Main, Market, Water) with 5 burpees at each corner for just over 1/4 mile.


The Thang

PAX grabbed their kettlebells and lined up with the tree in the middle of Festival Park.  Kettlebell Leap Frog from start to first tree, 15 curls each arm + 5 merkins.  Leap from to next tree for 10 curls each arm + 10 merkins.  Continued this across the field for 5 curls + 15 merkins, another round of 10 curls + 10 merkins, and finishing with another round of 15 curls + 5 merkins.

PAX were instructed to drop their kettlebells at the picnic tables and follow YHC.  Imperial Walkers from the picnic tables to Water Street and then YHC showed off his latest discovery, 10 poles with a chain running between them along the parking lot.  Bear crawls back and forth between the poles while staying under the chain commenced from Water Street back to the picnic tables.  

Now that the PAX had a chance to do the loop, YHC told everyone to partner up and provided the next list of exercises.  While Partner 1 was Imperial Walking to Water Street and Bear Crawling back through the 10 poles, Partner 2 was working out at the picnic tables and then switch.  Each PAX did Dips, Suitcase Lifts (L & R), and Overhead Tricep Extensions (L & R) with kettlebells AMRAP while making 3 trips of Imperial Walkers with Bear Crawls.

Once 6 was in, regrouped for 20 Gobblet Squats, 15 Lunge Squats (each leg), and 20 Kettlebell Swings.

Lead PAX back to the poles and chain for 15 derkins and a 1-minute chill cut plank with feet on the chain.  The swinging of the chain while performing these definitely added a new element.

Circled up for American Hammers and World War IIs with the kettlebell.

PAX did a great job and there were no breaks in the action.


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