I Corinthians 16:13-14 “Be on guard, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.”

Pledge of Allegiance (intended)!!!! Legs Prepared and being Prepared to stand firm!!! Disclaimer provided !!! Mission Statement F3!!!(Intended). We are off like a dirty shirt!!! Usual MC and well wishes.

The THANG went like this:

SSH. Stretching Left, Right and Center; Michael Phelps. Monkey Humper Stretch. Broga Stretching-upward, downward, side-ways.

1-Run up Mount Murphy 2 LAPS

2-Calf Raises (Three sets of 40. Engage your calves!)

3-Lunge to the Circle Benches (SALAD…slow and low and deep)

4-Squat. Step up and Over. Squat again. Three sets of 20 (once you cross the bench is one)-(Intended). 35 Actual OYO.

5-400 lb. Tire and 20 men for the Big Mavis Tire Flip (mama comes out sometimes, thanks to High Tide). The same men would flip Alfred (Big Truck). Good Form Imperative.-Simultaneously then the ratio is 1 Mavis flip and 2 Alfred Flips. Flap Jack then so all get some turns.

6-Butkis (Rapid step ups on curbing) for a one minute round

Staying along the sidewalk and curb for Mary: Pied Piper, Ratched, Padre, Charlie Brown, Italian Stallion, Barefoot, High Tide, Easy Rider and YHC led in: Box Cutters, WWII’s, Burpees, Planking (including low plank holds), Flutter Kicks, spelling the Italian alphabet////////<<<<>>>>HE>I with our feet, Freddie Mercuries.

Nelson Cooper, AKA Papa Smurf signed the PLANK on this date, my Birthday 4 years ago today. You need to work toward ‘The Plank’ if you haven’t or haven’t lately.

60 Sun Revolutions have happened in my life and 4 have been involved with me and many of you in F3, here and around the area from Wilmington, Washington and Farmville and Carterico. Thank you for your love and forgiveness and grace. I hope I have extended the same to you. Aye!

YHC Prayed us out: Our Country, Jaime Satterwhite under going double mastectomy today-Cold Cut’s Niece. Go Fund Me for Satter-Fight and Toby who took his life. King Pin and prostate treatments. Monarch-remembering the passing of his dad. Men and their Mental Health. Date Night Saturday at M-Pourium. Toys for Tots if able Saturday at 9:00. David McKee-L-3 Stress Fracture and his use/abuse of substances…………Teen agers. Families. Football Game F3 Style Saturday at Boyd Lee Park. Bring Your Shovels and cleats if it will help.

“Tony McKee. Cold-Cut. Sixty”………is out!!…………………ER-Thanks for the Cupcakes!

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