Warm Up: SSHx20, Merkinsx15, Good Morningx10, mountain climbersx10

7s man makers and the bottom of the stairs and jump squats at the top

mosey to the meadow where 3 cones were spaced at. bear crawl to 1st cone x10 Carolina dry docks then sprint back to start. Bear crawl to 2nd cone X20CCDC, sprint back. Bear Crawl to 3rd cone, x30 CCDC, spring back. 2nd round, same concept but with lunges and squats.

mosey to the wall where everyone held people’s chair while each pax took turns doing 10 merkins. 2nd round, same concept but with balls to the wall and squats

mosey to the tennis court for 4 corners. 1st corner x30 LBCs, 2nd x15 4 count flutter kicks. 3rd x30 WWIIs. 4th x15 4 count Freddie mercury’s. Rinse and repeat

mosey to pirate statue for 7s. irkins step over ledge then dips.



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