Patch and BJ for an EC ruck around campus, solving all of life’s problems in the process.

Good Morning’s IC 15X
Imperial Walkers IC 10X
Arm Circles forwards/backwards 15X IC

Mosey to the Meadow.
4 Corners.
4 Pax picked from the F3 workout deck.
5 american hammers
5 derkins
5 burpees
1 min butt kickers

Mosey to the hill
Pax picked 2 cards
LBC’s at the top
Merkins on the bottom

Mosey to hill #2
7’s again
YHC picked 2 cards
squats at the top
SALAD squats at the bottom

Mosey to Cold-Cuts pickup
(Cold Cut was prepared to Q, I didn’t want his tools to go to waste)
Pax lined up.
1 Pax performed 5 moving man makers, 1 pax carried a large tire, remaining pax bear crawled.
Each pax was given the opportunity to become a man.
Pax returned CC’s party favors

Mosey to cement circle bench
Dips IC 15X
Foot release squats 15X

Possum/Raccoon crawl around the benches, lunging in between.

Mosey to the wall
People’s chair. 7 count (1 for each pax present)

To the flag. Poolside for COT.
Noonan and Grisham returned from their ruck in time for COT.

Prayers: Patch’s house flipping contractor. Easy Rider’s daughter, safety as she lifeguards at the beach. Families of those who have drowned. Easy Rider’s ex wife’s health and his health (new arthritis meds next week). Kingpin begins radiation treatments. Duff’s mother since loss of her husband. Abu’s dad. Teenagers who need prayers and Godly role models. Graduation parties/safety of students.

Announcements: Italian Stallion VQ tomorrow. Sasquatch, sign up to compete/support. Easy Rider is looking for a Q at Eagle’s Ridge June 11th.

Shoutout to the PAX for engaging Dory at his visit. Specifically Cold-Cut who kept the conversation flowing even after the workout. YHC has posted at other AO’s and has not always received the hospitality that he has grown accustomed to at ENC. Always remember; every day could be someone’s first post. Their first post ever, their first post in a while, their first post at your site, their first post in the are, make it a good one!

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