Pledge of Allegiance to begin.

Warming with Good Evenings, then Good Mornings. But Hey Doooooooode…………..

Heyman had the privilege of having an anniversary, which being Lucky, made him late. But……….Richard Simmons must’ve had some unknown excuse. Anyway, 10 Burpees¬† for tardiness. Patch was eager, jumping ahead of the Q.

Headed to Mt. Murphy. Two Concrete Blocks awaited. Farmer Carried up, down. Those not carrying rotated among: plank, low, superman, chill-cut, side plank Left/Right. Everyone was warmed and smoking bout now.

Headed to the Tunnel: Ppl’s Chair 10 count each.

Headed toward the picnic area sidewalk and claimed a socially distant square. The Runner (Underdog) wanted to lead in Squat Jumps, so we did at least 20. He was a Happy man. WWI’s were then C0-led by Chicken Wang and Beaker, at least 7.5 each….(About like getting a 7 pak of chicken), it was Goooood.

Headed around then to the Natatorium Wall facing Charles. Balls to the Wall was Started off by Popeye, and then each man followed suit with a 3 count. That was enough of that. Butkis, (that old dog showed) for 2 rounds of rapid step ups on the curb. A round is 3 minutes. Rest was 15 seconds.

Head to Minges Meadow. Ratched was really tire about now and saw two 2′ dowells waiting for the PAX. Padre wanted to tote the TIRE using those sticks to the third tree, drop it while another PX would head there and return. Flip flopped this until Patch had the last tote to my truck……..Oh yeah, while the tire was toted on the meadow, the rest of the PX would either do Flutter Kicks or Merkins and do either until a man was next up for the tire tote.

Well, I will be. It’s 6:15. Thanks Ratched for the Q-0P. Hope all enjoyed and our eyes were not all blurry from a schweaty camera on a smart-phone.

COT. Think of Others. Give others a Holler. Pray for another and serve. Time Flies, huh Skynard…..?

YHC Prayed the Clydesdales out. A privilege. Remember Fruity and prayers for Grand mother.

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