Warm Up

SSH x 20 IC

Alternating Runner’s Lunge x 3 each side

4 Count Merkins x 5 IC

The Thang

Mosey to Cement Circle by Gate 6

Step Up Knee Up Reverse Lunge x 10 each side IC

Lateral Step Up x 10 each side IC

Crossover Step Up x 10 each side IC

Mosey to the Playground

10 minute AMRAP

Pull Ups w/ band x 10

Stabilizer Swerkins (hands on swing) x 10

Handstand or Balls to Wall Get Ups x 10

Mosey to the Cement Circle by Gate 9

Bulgarian Split Squats x 10 each side IC

Box Squat Alternating Frankenstein Straight Leg Raise x 10 IC (squat, left leg raise, squat, right leg raise = 1)

Single Leg Deadlift x 10 each side IC

Mosey to Cement Circle by Gate 6

2 Rounds of:

4 Count Derkins x 5 IC

Donkey Kick Cement Up and Overs x 20 OYO

4 Count Straight Leg Dips with hip bridge x 5 IC

Seated Crunchy Frog x 20 IC

Prayer Requests: Patch’s 2.0s, my pops, Easy Rider and his ex-wife, praise for a great turnout and experience with The Big Run, 75thAnniversary D-Day 97 year old man made a parachute jump


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