YHC has a special place for the Clydesdales so when Chimmy asked me to Q I was glad to accept his invitation. YHC rolled up to see Lynard, Chimmy and Stabes finishing up EC and was surprised and excited to see Vandelay who has been recovering from knee surgery. Vandelay has the best cadence in F3ENC so YHC insisted he lead warm ups.

Warm up

Pledge of allegiance


10 Good mornings

Mosey to the tennis court hill AMRAP

10 squats on bottom

10 Mountain climbers on top

Bear crawl up the hill

Mosey to the big hill for an AMRAP

6 Walmart burpees on top

10 4 count LBC’s on the bottom

Mosey to Mingees meadow for raise tail praise Dale

Bear crawl and perform 3 Merkins at each sign

Rinse and repeat

Back to the grassy knoll for Dora 123

100 irkins

200 bench squats

300 OH claps

Partner gallop to the light pole (a Clydesdale staple)

Prayer requests:

Injured PAX

Abu’s dad


Sasquatch sign up


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