Patch, Hot Shot, Cold-Cut, Landline, Beaker, Haavaad, Web Gem and YHC did the 0440 thang. Looked like Christmas Morning out there with all the new Clydesdale shirts (some much brighter than others) and Web Gem with his Washington Redskins (or according to Cold-Cut, Lumberton High School) ruck sack. Got to the flag a little before 0530 and were greeted by 4 more PAX. Those who did not read the messages online about bringing weight were assigned some weight. COVID disclaimer given and YHC thought that since it looked like Christmas with all these new shirts and rucks, what better way to break them all in than to get them a bit sweaty doing the Clydesdale Mile. More on that to come later but first, a little warm-up;

SSH x11 IC

Various leg and arm stretches

Butt Kickers x11 IC

About this time a Jeep came up Ficklen Drive basically on two wheels. All PAX got a good laugh out of it as we all knew what that was… the return of Mayhem!!! Now Mayhem might not be back to his regular Gloom routine but he is definitely back to “Mayhem Time.” No penalty burpee awarded as he did bring his own weight. Welcome back Mayhem!!!

The Thang

After Mayhem’s grand entrance, YHC introduced the PAX to the Clydesdale Mile. PAX would mosey (with their weight) to the following 4 locations; the bus stop at the bottom of the hill in Lower Minges, Dollar General, the entrance to Gateway Dorm on top of College Hill and the bus stop in Upper Minges near the stadium. At each stop (after picking up the six), PAX would circle up and do the following exercises, led by PAX chosen by YHC earlier;

Patch- CPR x10 IC

Padre- Curls for the Girls x20 IC

Mayhem- Tricep Extensions x30 IC

Haavaad- Squats x40 IC

Back to the flag with 5min to spare so did 5 rounds of Mary then circled up for the COT

Prayer Requests

  • NoIDeer’s Aunt
  • Candy Cane’s Grandma
  • Kevlar
  • People recovering from COVID and those still getting it, especially with younger kids
  • Fred Robbins, friend of Mayhem, lost his son this past weekend
  • Grout’s 2.0
  • For our Country and for the mess in Minnesota


  • Patch has the Q tomorrow at FirstAid. Also has the Q (he thinks) next week at Ruck Ready and Clydesdales
  • Mayhem has the Q Tuesday at Eagles Ridge
  • Be on the lookout for news on Sasquatch
  • Haavaad has the Q Saturday at 116


Clydesdales has become a favorite AO for YHC. Between the EC Ruck route and the many areas to workout at the AO, the site has a ton to offer. Chimi and now Ratched, have done a great job with promoting the AO and getting great Qs and the boost in attendance out there shows… great job guys! And as YHC mentioned yesterday in his BB and will throw it out again today, I challenge each of you to headlock a Kotter — reach out to them, share that you miss seeing them out in the Gloom and invite them to come back out. Sometimes, it’s that little push that is needed to bring folks back! Until next time…

Stabler Out

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