Big Thanks to Kool-Aid for his CO-Q

To the Concrete Bench for Dips, Derkins and Erkins

It had been since the construction that I had done the old staple of the lap around the stadium with exercises at the gates so we completed that with  5-10-15 of Merkins, Mountainclimbers and LBC’s

Next we headed to the small hill for Burpee/Merkins – 5 Burpees at the Bottom and Merkins at the top for 3 Minutes AMRAP.

To the tennis court for Four Corners. Jog the Long and Lunge the short with exercises at all four corners (Flutterkicks, Merkins, Plankjacks, Burpees). Two Laps around.

Ten Count Balls to the wall on the fence.

Mosey to the Meadow for a Bear Crawl race.  Simple down and back of each partner.

Back to the Flag: Bear Crawl around the Circle and that’s all folks.  Kool Aid was there all the way adding his input for the exercises and number of reps.

Till next time keep pushing the rock men!

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