Ratched reached out to YHC to Q, YHC gave the only valid answer. The date was set and a plan was stirring. YHC showed up early in the morning to do a little recon. Was hoping not to be spotted by all the EC’ers. Patch was a little suspicious when YHC came creeping in from the backside. Ruckers got some stretching in and it was time to…


10 Punch Jacks IC
10 Good Mornings IC
10 Copperhead Squats IC

The Thang

Mosey to the closest benches, warned the PAX we wouldn’t run much due to YHC’s current Clydesdale condition.

YHC would lead the first round of exercises of each set IC of 5 reps. PAX would continue OYO after the first round, doing 10 the next, then 15, then 20, then come down if time allowed.

Lower Body Set

Step Ups
Foot Release Squats
Jump Ups
Side Step Ups
Jump Over/Jump Up and Down the other Side

After a good 10ish minutes we moseyed to the next set of benches.

Upper Body Set

Carolina Dry Dock

After another 10ish tough minutes we moseyed around to the next set of benches.

Core Set

Bench Crunches
Nolan Ryan (both sides)
In & Outs
American Hammer
WWI Sit-ups

After another 10ish minutes we moseyed back to the #ShovelFlag!


Safety and Good Weather for the Sasquatch this weekend.
Our nation.
YHC closed us in prayer.


Bookworm has the Q @ #BlastOff.

Spinal Tap has the Q #WestSideStory.

Friday lunch is at the new Marabella on Firetower @ 12pm!

The Sasquatch!

Saturday start times:

0500 – Ruck
0530 – Ruck Competitive
0600 – Run
0630 – Run Competitive

Cold-Cut has the Q @ #EaglesRidge.

The Thang

Good number of guys to show up! YHC said that everyone was a regular, but Patch quickly pointed out except for me! YHC is involved in a Love/Hate Relationship with the Kettlebell so #TheGoodFight has YHC engaged on a weekly basis. It was good to workout with these guys, especially good to see Barefoot return! Really thought the lower body set would be the biggest challenge, but the upper body set had us all on fire! #Mumblechatter was pretty low, since PAX were counting and keeping on track. Wanted PAX to be able to push themselves within their limits, seemed to be effective!

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