With the Blizzard set to hit tonight I figured it was best to search out and show all the best sledding spots around the AO.

Warm-up – Side Straddle Hops and Good Mornings

Mosey to the Minges Meadow – explained it was good for the young 2.0s to just pull them around.

We completed a suicide conisting of bear crawls, lunges and sprints.

Mosey to the end of parking lot – pointed out an intermediate slop

We worked our way down it alternating between merkins, plankjacks and mountain climbers

We did 5 at each white line.

Mosey down to the lower  parking lot – pointed out the black diamond slope

We did a round of sevens to practice going up and down the slope. Burpees at both points.

Mosey to the tennis court – best kept secret here is that right beside it is an awesome bunny slope, short but steep.  We crab walked down and bear crawled up.

Mosey bak up to the building and circle up for a 72 count plank.  Show up next time I Q and you will understand.

Mosey to the Tunnel for Peoples Chair, BTW, and two rounds of one leg Peoples Chair.

To the Pirate for Dips and AMerican Hammers.

Up and down the stairs a few times and back to the flag for 90 seconds of Mary.

Tons of prayer concerns.

YHC would like to end with this: support your brothers, talk to them about the tough things going on in their and your life.  This is what it is all about.  Each one of us has a dark place, help each other find the light.  Till next time.

SKynyrd Out

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