4:40 EC Ruck: YHC, Stabler, Chimi and Skynyrd toured campus

Warm: 15 each Good Morns, M Phelps, Imp walkers, SSH

The Thang:

STAIRS : 21’s Merkins run to top of flight Copper Head Squats

Wall: 10 count Balls to the Wall
20 count Peoples Chair with partner high knees-switch and repeat x 4

STAIRS: Bear crawl up and run down x 5

Meadow: Lt Dans the length

IR back to…..The Damn Stairs-THAT’S RIGHT

STAIRS: partner up DORA
50 Merk
150 LBC

Flag: Flutter Fails with 5 Merkins penalty-rinse and repeat until 6:15

Prayer: injured Pax, 2.0 Exams

MOLESKIN:Simple: I need this, YOU need this, WE ALL NEED THIS-POST IT UP!!

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