Pulled up to the AO, some had EC rucked.  Planted the Flag and circled up the pax.

Warm up: 10SSH IC, 10 4ct squat IC, 10 4ct merkins IC.

TheThang: In honor of the day, we did an indian run around minges and stopped at mt murphy.  1st question to the Pax “what year was the first official thanksgiving?”  No one knew, Patch was close.  the answer is 1621.  5 burpee penalty. We did 16s next. At the top of mt murphy were squats.  benches by minges->WW1.  Patch led plank 4T6.  Indian run back around minges to the cement circle.  Next question: “were there more pilgrims or indians at the first thanksgiving?”  wrong again 5 burpee penalty.  21s with seated squats and irkins.  time ran out on us, patch and CC didn’t even finish.

Prayer requests: CC niece, our country, those that are alone during the holidays.

Moleskin:  all the pax named something they were thankful for.  I’m thankful for you guys.

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