Warm up- Stretches, SSHx20, Merkins x15, arm circles

7s at the stairs. burpees at the bottom, jump squats at the top

mosey to playground. 3 rounds of pull upsx5, merkinsx10, Irkinsx10, derkinsx10. mosey to tennis courts

4 corners. LBCsx40, WW2sx20, flutter kicksx20 4 count, Freddie mercurysx20 4 count. mosey to gate 6 wall.

Peoples chair with each PAX holding YHCs 40lb ruck out front for a 10 count, then passing it to the next man. rinse and repeat. in the same fashion we did BTTW while each PAX did 10 over head ruck presses then handed ruck off to the next man.

finished off with a round of Mary.

COT- Whitehurst family- passing of mother, Kayla Plotzke (recent suicide) and family, backhoes wife having surgery next week,  Easy riders daughter school decision and family counseling session, our nation, easy rider trouble with arthritis, issues with bullying

Welcome Mighty Meaty!


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