Say the pledge and let’s go.  We had a simple plan, six stops with a set of exercises at each.

Stop one – Gate with benches – 25 of the following Squats, Dips, step ups, and American Hammers

Stop 2 – Elmhurst circle – 20 of the following LBC’s, flutterkicks, V-ups, and 20 seconds of six inches

Stop 3 – Town Bank Tower – 25 of the following Merkins, SS Hops, Hallelujahs, and Jump Squats

Stop 4 – Tennis Court – had to change to parking lot at lower due to gate being locked – 8 sprints across the lot

Stop 5 – Area in front of pool – 25 of the following – Hand release Merkins, Mountain Climbers, J-los, Monkey Humpers

Stop 6 – The Meadow – One trip across doing each of the following, Crab Walk, Bear Crawl, Duck Walk, Frog Hop

Had time for a Bear Crawl Race

Back to the Flag for the Ending

Thuderstruck – Play the song and do a burpee everytime they say Thunder.


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