Last week YHC received a message from Ratched asking if KoolAid wanted to Q Clydesdales this week.  When I asked KoolAid if he wanted it he quickly informed me that it was my turn to step up.  Before letting the excuses play out in my head to why I couldn’t, YHC messaged back that it was time for my VQ at the place where my F3 journey began.  Sometimes we learn from our children if we will just listen!

Disclaimer and Welcome was given and with all jokes aside, it was on

Warm Up:

10 SSH’s IC (in cadence), 10 Good Mornings IC, 11 Cotton Pickers IC and 10 Good Evenings IC

Warm Up Circle Bonus:  Bodies Hit The Floor      PAX were instructed that while the song Bodies by Drowning Pool played they were to complete a Donkey Kick when hearing “bodies hit the floor” and to complete a Merkin when they heard the numbers “1-2-3-4” for each number.  There were a few issues with the volume in such a large circle and after a valiant effort of PAX moving in to the center, the majority of the exercise was completed.  Lesson learned and a speaker will be brought next time.

The Thang:

Imperial Chase (my Clydesdale mix of Catch me if you can and Indian Run):  The PAX were instructed to form a single file line and prepare to make their way to the statue by way of Imperial Walkers.  As they moved the PAX in the back of the line was to do 3 burpees and run to the front of the line while tapping the new PAX in back so that they could begin.  After moving to the statue and half way back (no one want to miss an opportunity to burpee) the deal was done and it was time to mosey to the statue.

13’s (my lucky number);  We lined up around the benches and performed Dips on one side and Irkins on the other taking a step up and over the bench.  Towards the end I noticed that step over and around was going on by a few.  Al Gored for the six and off we go!  We moseyed to the small hill at the tennis courts.

Bear Crawl 1-2-3:  The PAX partnered up and instructions were to Bear Crawl up the hill when it was your turn and to Crawl Bear down on your first go.  After that it was just Bear Crawl up.  While partner 1 Bear Crawled up the hill, partner 2 completed the exercises and switch to complete 100 Dry Docks, 200 LBC’s and 300 Squats.  Plank for the 6 or help your brothers finish.  Now it was time to mosey to the sidewalk in front of Minges for a final push.  On the way YHC saw two beautiful brick walls and couldn’t resist so an audible was called and we lined both walls BTW style, counted to 10 each down the lines (intentionally leaving Spinal Tap out of the count due to the Q’s arms screaming and time left)  and moseyed the rest of the way.

Side walking our way to the finish line:  PAX lined up side by side, lunged our way to each of the brick dividers and did 10 WWI’s at each stop.  The time was now 6:14 and there was a quick mosey back to the flag!


  • Count-O-Rama (Twice for good measure) 20 plus the Q
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Prayer Request and Praise:  Prayers for Ratched as he deals with relationship issues and changes, Cold Cuts niece as she battles cancer.  Praise for F3 and what it has enabled YHC to accomplish in such a short time and Brownies teacher who is returning to work after breaking her hip in August.
  • YHC prayed us out and pic was taken
  • Announcements:  100 Men Dinner


YHC was told about F3 by Patch almost 2 years ago after discussing my giving up the smokes and the weight gain that was coming on hard and fast.  After checking things out via the Web I decided that there was no way that I could go and work out with you guys.  I told myself that I could manage the weight gain and eventually get it back off.  Fast forward 18 months and YHC figured out that I was wrong about controlling my weight gain.  Call it miserable, fed up, depressed or even a little defeated (Sad Clown), YHC knew it was time for a change.  Again, Patch and I talk and I bring up the F3 thing again and when I tell him my concerns of not being able to do it, he tells me that in F3 “we leave no man behind, but we don’t leave him where we found him”.  It absolutely made no sense to me at the time, but if you know Patch you know it somehow convinced me without further discussion.  Thank you Patch for spreading the F3 word and bringing a Sad Clown like me in.  YHC has met some true HIM’s the last few months that I would have possibly never encountered any other way and for that I’m truly blessed!

Thank you to the HIM’s that have helped and continue to help YHC, Brownie and Kool-Aid get better every Post.  Thank you to those brothers who have consistently pushed, encouraged and even taunted me along the way to do more and step up my game.  YHC still has a long way to go to get where I want to be and I still fight my own mind every single day to push, but after this VQ I know that I can do more than I thought.

By the way, I don’t know if any of the PAX that posted at my VQ noticed or not, but not once was I the SIX!  That’s what you call progress!

SYITG Brothers,




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