EC: YHC, Patch, Cold Cut, Spinal Tap, Sawdust, Beer garden, Truck bed. No ruck for sawdust so a #60 sandbag did the trick

0530 Pledge of Allegiance

Disclaimer/safety reminders


10 good morning IC

Mosey to tennis court hill

5 burpee penalty for leaving the 6

AMRAP 10 4 count flutter kicks on bottom 10 4 count Freddie Mercury’s on top. Bear crawl up run down 

Mosey to the statue and partner up

1 partner raccoon walk while other runs up and down the stairs 4 rounds.

Mosey to other stair case same partner

One partner Bulgarian squats while other runs up and down the stairs 

Find a spot on the curb for birthday burpees. YHC asked PAX birthday month and we performed the number. Even curpees and odd Walmart burpees.

Mosey to the meadow for raise tail praise Dale. Bear crawl and perform 3 Merkins at each sign. Rinse and repeat

Mosey to the wall and partner up for people’s chair high knees 50,25,10,50

Balls to the wall Carolina dry docs.

Mary time Guantanamo


Patch’s 2.0 back to Alabama today

Venus Flytrap friend cancer diagnosis 

Lynyrd surgery recovery 


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