Pledge of Allegiance as the 1st privilege in this Land of the Free because of the Brave.

Began, (loaded for bear, aka Clydesdales). Arm Circles F/R. Monkey Hump Position to stretch. SSH.

Good mosey around the parking lot to the bus stop. Lined up (modification was lunge): Bear Crawled 50 yards to warm up toward the Stadium. Went back for the 6.

Head up twice around Murphy Mountain then to the Tunnel of Lactic pain: Three times: Rinsed and repeated with 20 counts without taking a break in between> BTW, PPL’s Chair with Hallelujahs, Plank.

Head toward the picnic tables although no one stopped to eat. Showboast did display his counting skills though. YHC directed the MEN to find a square on the side-walk where we completed 25 jump-squats; moved further down where Showboat continued the countess version where we did some more jump-squats.

Head toward Minges Meadow where in the back of my GMC were CMU’s, KBs, Dumbells. Completed 10 Burpees. Circled up using the dumbells for, you guessed it, tada

Jack Knife Webbs: one merkin to five hallelujahs was the ratio where we also would rotate after each. Dumbell weights were 5#, 10#, 15#’s. We worked our way from 1 merkin to 10 merkins and 5 hallelujahs to 50.

KB drag was next on the Minges Meadow: 2 lines, each man would drag the KB back and forth in the plank position. Then proceed up the Meadow with Bear Crawls, ending up in the Plank pose and coming back for the 6.

CMU Swang Thang. (concrete or cinder block). Poe displayed his counting prowess up to 25 swings. Patch thought for sure his boys would be harmed, until a vertical hold was figured. It was such fun, Hot Shot then led all in Tricep extensions ….check out them Clydesdales.

Still in the Meadow, the flying Eagle was brought out for as many as possible. If others couldn’t, they could Chill Cut. The Eagle > > >: while in the plank position, launch your whole self up and back down (not clapping), but the whole body, glutes, toes and digits. I have no idea who has skills, but some prolly saw. It was fun. Wanted to see what could be accomplished when not fresh.

Balancing act for step ups or calf raises just to cool down and then head to the shovel flag.

YHC Prayed us out. Our Nation. The Church. Prayer that we would know God, His Son and share with others this day, in some way. Our children. Good health.

Splinter is back after 6 months from the Heart attack, Yah brother. POE has published his first book, “The Rise and Fall of LOVE’s Gravitational Pull”. (Check the photo). Congratulations brother, 10 years of fruition. And Welcome back! Sasquatch is coming 8/1, so look for more details to follow………………

Cold no more. Tremendous Work Men.

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