YHC and Bartman arrived around 0525 and Pothole was the only person there. Thought for sure this wasn’t going to be a Farmville Q with only 3 people, but it was! Maybe everybody is resting for The Sasquatch?

Warm-Up: SSH (IC) Circle Merkin (50) Lap around the track.

The Thang: Mosey down to the manly rocks at the end of the road. Four exercises and four rounds a piece with sprint to the first light pole and back after each round (curls, tricep extension, overhead press and goblet squats).Mosey to the small rock pile and grab a smaller one for Blackjack merkins and WW1’s with rock. Toss the rocks and head to the small shelter (since we only had three people) 11’s with dips and urkins. Walk to the playground and did 5 pull-ups with 30 seconds of rest for the last four minutes. We then tricked Bartman to going down the “snake wrangler” slide, he survived!


  • Injured Pax
  • Safe Travels


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