Put it out there the night before us PAX would need their ruck sacks for the workout at The Collard Patch, and the fellas rolled in prepared!

at 0530 circled up & disclaimer given

Warm Up: Good Mornings, Don Qujotes, Merkins, High Knees

The Thang: Strapped on the rucks for the remainder of our time.

Started by Moseying down the long drive into the park, and at each street light we did 20 squats – down and back.
5 Light Poles X 20 squats = 100 squats

Mall walked over to the picnic shelter to do the following with other PAXs leading cadence:
10 Dips / 10 Merkins / 10 WW1 (Rinse and Repeat 2 more times)
10 Bent over Rows / 10 Curls / 10 Overhead Press (Rinse and Repeat 2 more times)

Final stretch of time we lunged around the parking lot and did a set of PAXs choice of Marys

0615 COT / Prayer Request / Prayer / Picture

~ Grace and Peace, Sound Bite

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