YHC can’t attend this year’s Sasquatch, so I decided to hold a mini-squatch at the #bestAOinAyden.

-Collard-pickers x10
-SSH x20
-GoodBonos x10

The Thang
-The call was made to “Follow Me” and we were off.  We headed south down Jolly Road and took a right on Dennis McLawhorn Road before entering the Open Heart Church of God parking lot.  It was here that we lunged across the parking lot (and back), stopping at every 4th line to do 4 merkins.

-Again the call was made to “follow me” and we continued south down Jolly Road.  We turned into the Ayden Elementary School parking lot and headed for the playground.  We partnered-up and each group did:
-20 bro-merkins
-20 gym class sit-ups
-20 partner derkins
-5 bropees

-“Follow me” was called once again. We circled the school and headed back to the flag. Upon arrival, we did 7s (dips, step-ups) under the small picnic shelter. This was followed by PAX-choice MARY for time (Freddy Mercuries, Ranger Merkins, Flutter Kicks).

-Scotty Moe’s grandfather and family
-Duff’s friend John Hughes
-Vickie Cox
-VBS this week
-The End, Half-Pipe, Matlock, Silverback, and all other injured PAX

-Lunch Tomorrow at Cinnamon
-Sign up for the Sasquatch (Seriously.  Do it NOW).
-BRR Information Meeting tonight at 6PM at MPorium

It felt good to be back at The Patch this week, even if we didn’t stay there very long.  It’s getting more humid every day…don’t let that stop you from posting.  This is great training weather.  Working out in this only makes you stronger.  Get out there and POST!

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