Warm Up:
Side Straddle Hops x 15
Collard Pickers x 10
Lap around Ayden District Park

The Thang:

YHC got to #thecollardpatch a bit early to set up but decided against it due to the fact that YHC didn’t know how many PAX would post. Once it was determined 10 PAX were brave enough, YHC split the group into¬† five dyads, each group getting one 60lb sandbag and two CMU’s from YHC’s truck. PAX were led to the end of the parking lot that provided a long, straight pathway for the beatdown.

PAX were assembled with one team member set to run the length of the parking lot, turning around at the Jolly Road, while the other team member completed a designated exercise with either a sandbag or CMU. When the running teammate returned, they would begin the exercise and the other teammate would complete the run. After each teammate completed their run and exercises, a round was complete.

Round 1: Sandbag Clean & Press with the run
Round 2: Blockees with the run
Round 3: Sandbag Bent Over Row with the run
Round 4: Alternating Merkins on CMU with the run
Round 5: Sandbag Back Squats with the run

PAX finished up with a Rafiki-led minute of CMU flutter kicks until 6:15.

Prayers: Grout’s brother, Panther

Announcements: PAX Lunch this week

Moleskin: YHC got asked to Q by Sound Bite and immediately wanted to say no due to the length of travel time. However, we preach choosing the harder thing and stepping outside of our comfort zones every single day. So, YHC knew that choosing to Q would place added stress to our already stressful Monday mornings. But it was a challenge. It was a test. Could YHC make it happen and get home in time to be an asset to the family??? YHC loves a challenge and was pretty glad to have the opportunity to help a stud like Sound Bite out. YHC believes the PAX got the beatdown they were hungry for and needed, but also glad that YHC was able to challenge myself and answer the call for both my brothers and family.

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