YHC shoulder tapped Rafiki 3 weeks ago about getting a Q out at the CP. YHC wanted to come up with a State Championship themed workout for the boys from the Village. Since the boys finished 32-0 a common number would be 32. We also incorporated the number 6 for the consecutive number of conference championships and the number 5 for program State championships. We also threw in the number 1 for the number of times our girls team lost this year! It went something like this.


  • SSH (32)
  • Jack Webb (1/4 ratio ended at 32 Hals)

The Thang

  • Indian run 1 lap around the track.
  • Mosey to end of the road where the manly rocks are located for some work. 32 curls and then sprint to first light pole and back, 32 tricep extensions and then sprint to the second light pole and back, 32 overhead presses and sprint to the 3rd light pole and back (Aquaman held off Captain Obvious for as long as he could and then let him win!).10 count and chunk the rocks back.
  • Mosey to football field and partner up. 32 partner burpees with one partner doing burpees and other bear crawling to the bleachers and running back with a flapjack. 32 double leg lunges with one partner running to midfield with a flapjack. 32 wide arm merkins with one partner running to the last set of bleachers and back. 32 WW1’s with one partner running the length of the field and back, 10 ct recover.
  • Mosey to the washhouse for some rounds of 4 corners on the walls. Side 1 and 3 were 6ct peoples chair and sides 2 and 4 were balls to the wall. 5 burpees for the finish.
  • Mosey to the shelter for partner/plank dips. One partner would hold plank while other used their back and tables for dips (16) and switch. One last lap around the track.
  • Mary: Flutter Kicks (32) by Fruity Pebbles, Aquaman with Penguins (50) and WW2’s by Rafiki 6:15.


  • Aquamans high school friends passing
  • Hardison and Haddock families
  • Duff’s dad with chemo
  • Fruity Pebbles grandmother and praise for his 2.0 winning the bible bowl. Will be traveling to Chicago for nationals.
  • Unspoken prayers
  • Tool Time VQ in 2 weeks and return of Die Hard for rock workout next week.
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