It was an unusually warm January morning.  70 degrees and misting to be exact.  Not an ideal day for a long run but from the words of Papa Smurf…. There is no bad weather just bad gear.  We tend to make the best of it, strip off the leggings and the shirts and just run like sweaty men through the streets of downtown Greenville.

The Thang 

Run as far as you can down Charles in 30 minutes and then turn around and go back to the flag.



It’s always been one of the great pleasures of the week to post at the commons.  When you look across the F3 Nation there are not a whole lot of Sunday runs but The Commons has always been special to F3ENC.  For some of us, it’s a means to finish out a strong week of training or to catch up with friends.  For me, these beat up roads of our beloved town represent a connection to my community and a higher power.  It’s days like these that I see god and the true power of human connection.  Whether the conversation is down in the dirt or way up in the clouds, we are sharing our struggles together; bearing the weight of our brother’s burdens and sharing our praises with one another.  This is life.

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