Cinco de Mayo – Run Down 5th St.

May 5th, a day recognized across America to celebrate what? Beer mostly. The holiday was basically created by the American Beer Industry in the 80s, and now their sales on this day rivals those on Super Bowl Sunday. Genius really, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the workout, other than the fact that it was held on May 5th, and that I thought about purchasing beer for the PAX to drink during the workout, but I decided against it being that is was Sunday morning and I didn’t really want to go to church with alcohol on my breath.


Arrived at 5:29:30. Shirt off. Walk up. Fist bumps. Directions. R. U. N.


The Thang

Quickest route to 5th Street. Run to where the sidewalk ends (this happens to be B’s BBQ). Turn around. Run back.

Abu miraculously appeared to lead us in 5 minutes of broga.



Prayers – Abu’s dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Duff’s dad’s funeral is today

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