YHC fielded inquiries about plans for Sunday most of the morning Saturday. It was about 3 when a message received by #TheCommons Site Q when YHC understood the puzzled looks. The reminder that YHC was on the Q clock was like the alarm heard when one has overslept. Shortly thereafter a query about the plan was also received. After giving a vague and nonsensical answer YHC realized with a great deal of satisfaction there WAS A PLAN! The plan would allow everyone to start and finish together and provide needed fellowship throughout. After a scout EC run and gathering up the Pax the hour struck and we were off like a dirty shirt.


Mustangs: Greenway to bottom of College Hill, throw in some hills if so moved, Up 10th to Cotanche and back to the flag.

Clydesdales (or Belding Pace): Down 1st to 5th, Greenway at Green Mill to the bottom of College Hill, up 10th to Overpass (YHC had to make a KK stop that didn’t include a donut and met the Pax at the bottom of the overpass. Timing is everything), Up Evans and around to Greene to 1st and back to the flag.

COT/BOM: Prayer requests for Gazelles grandparents, YHC’s Mom in law, Floater’s M, Hot Pusuit surgery.

MOLESKIN: The wind was strong this morning and the Pax were stronger. With some EC going on there were lots of things to consider but all-in-all this was a great morning to run. After the Ironclad and the dropping temps Pax were getting after it. Not just for themselves. Bono ran beside YHC the entire time. Strokes came out and ran with the Mustangs after running that Half. Tonka and Grammar added #TheCommons to their long run. Of course IT was there. The guys running at Belding Pace stuck around to the very end so we all finished together. Great stuff like this happens when YHC shows up. Thanks men and good work.

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