Made Me Late put the request for some guys to Q. YHC took a spot, it was the very next Sunday! Figured #TheCommons was one of the easier places to Q or is it?


Anything you want to do before 0530!

The Thang

Head down Cotanche to the Parking Deck on the corner of Cotanche and 4th. Go to top at best pace, come all the way to the bottom and pickup the 6 on your way back up.

Rafiki called YHC on the way and said he was going to be late. Gave him this location, he hadn’t arrived yet. Strokes and Cable did make it. Sent Made Me Late back for Rafiki and gave him the location of our next adventure.

Turned down 5th and took the first right onto campus. We took a lap around the campus mall and returned for the six at the old Student Center.

Once back there we took a left and headed toward the ECU Parking Deck. Same idea as before going all the way to the top (right turns), take a lap around, and head back down (left turns). Return for the six at the gate.

Turned down 10th and took a right to go up College Hill, then a right and come down Rock Springs. Return for the six at 10th.

Headed up 10th toward Krispy Kreme, taking a left at the light. Foiled again by a new deck, a gate would not allow us to pass through. We went back for the six.

Continued through the deck onto 11th, then right onto Evans, left onto 10th. We took a hard left at the bottom to take the sidewalk to Dickinson. We were going to go to the other deck, but time didn’t permit. We took Evans back to 1st to the #ShovelFlag!


Rafiki explained he was late because he saw a women bear crawling on his way. He called the Police to get her some assistance.

YHC closed us in prayer.


Headed to QSource, an awesome job by Fruity Pebbles! If you missed it, make the next one!!!

Blue Ridge Relay 2020 Applications – submit yours here! Today was good training for it…

Stay safe on the roads, wear reflective gear!

The Thang

Although the route didn’t go exactly as planned, we got plenty of elevation and mileage. Awesome to see Punch-Out join us and log some of both. PR had another PR in Elevation! Plenty of options available at #TheCommons: Zucker (the Rucker), Bono, and Haavaad put about 3.5 miles in; Cold-Cut rode his bike while pacing the 6. See you within the next week!!!

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