Today was a great turn out on a “Holiday” weekend, even after the warning that I posted on Slack of the run I had planned.  The warning was simple: What do you get when the Oval Office and BRR have a baby?  Well, it was born this morning and named the Hills of Fury!!!

We started out from the Commons down Cotanche Street towards 10th St.  With a left turn on 10th St. we made our way to the bottom of…..College Hill.  We looped back to pick up the six and met for instructions at the bottom of the hill.  We paired off with someone that was to be equal to your running ability to get the most out of the workout.  The instructions were simple at this point:  One of you take off at around 90% and the other at 50%; each time you meet  you tag off with your partner and switch the pace; and repeat.  Simple.  However, this turned into 30+ minutes of repeats and the guys pushing themselves continuously.  It was hot, it was humid, and the hill was a beast.  Then all of sudden the Sky Q opened up the heavens and dumped some heavy rain on us.  Why not?  It rains in the mountains just like it does anywhere else.  So, we added another element of our training today with hills, heat, rain, and heavy clothes and shoes.

After 30+ minutes we met at the bottom of the hill to head back towards the Commons from the way we came.  I really did not realize that going back we had going up 10th St. and up Cotanche.  Both of these for some reason looked larger than normal after the hill repeats.  However, we made it back together right on time as the ruckers were walking up to finish another quality run.

Prayer Request:

Captain Obvious’ mother went through a double mastectomy and is recovering nicely.  Prayers to be lifted as she continues to win her battle.


Before we circled up to close out I wanted to remind everyone and to explain why used the word holiday in quotation marks.  We need to remember that this is not a joyous weekend for everyone just because it is a 3 day weekend for many.  Memorial Day is not a day to thank our Veterans but a day to remember those that gave all for our freedom and a day to stand beside our Veterans and military personnel.  Everyday is Memorial Day for many families because they are living without that son, daughter, father, spouse, brother or sister that never made it home.  These are the ones that we need to remember and be thankful for.  These are the reasons we need to stand beside our Veterans and military personnel on this day to support them for the ones they lost and maybe even the battle they continue to fight in their own heads of “Why did I make it home?”  So, with that being said, it simpler terms this morning, because I get a little emotional talking about it out loud, we took a knee around the flag for a moment of silence to recognize what Memorial Day truly is.

Made Me Late….out

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