The formula for The Commons is pretty simple…give that PAX some of what they want (mileage) and a bit of what they don’t want, but need…hills.

Started off by reiterating a few safety principles…get a head count before leaving, run against traffic where possible, assume cars do not see you.

We began the route heading down Evans, right on Dickinson (the long way around), right on 14th, right on 10th over The Nipple, up College Hill, left on 14th, left on Elm, left on 1st…back to the flag right at 0630.  I continue to be impressed by the guys that have shed their rucks in the last couple of weeks to run some pretty serious mileage.

COT–prayers for Abu’s dad, Bill King, Aquaman’s family, Cable’s dad, Brian Meyerhoffer, Glow Worm’s sister

Moleskin–If Abu and T-Bone had a baby, it would be name T-abu.

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