YHC made it, the streak is over! Was really concerned after the fail on Tuesday! Was thinking about buying a separate alarm clock or having someone pick YHC up. Had a route in mind, but then noticed to the turn point was over 3.5 miles. Not the biggest fans of out and back routes, but that was the choice for today! The PAX gathered up and the route was given, so here it is…

The Thang

Down Cotanche, Right on 5th, Left on Evans, Right on Dickinson and Left on Hooker. Turn around 30 minutes in. It was a Rucker and Biker friendly route too, but they must have went another way. YHC failed to mention that we would not come back to the six because of the distance and it was out and back. Rafiki and Bud-weis-er went the distance in the allotted time, while YHC turned back just behind them. Hot Spot made it, but was behind YHC and made it back after YHC prayed to would.


Barefoot’s buddy having knee replacement surgery.

The Closed Hand, Half-Pipe and his M looking for jobs.

Floater mentioned a family that went through an abusive situation.

Praise for Pothole and birth of their baby, planning to go home today.

YHC closed us in prayer.


#QSource followed, with an excellent discussion and example of Whetstone/Fellowship. Many took away items learned from this and look forward to making each other better.

Saturday is the Food Drive @ First Born Church – 0745! Come and bring your family to serve our community.


One of my favorite parts of F3 is not knowing who will show up and then seeing who actually does. Really good to see everyone, but awesome to see T-bone! Glad he could come and join us while he was in town! I continue to love our group! There are not many days that YHC does not look forward to posting. The weekend dates are definitely highlights on the schedule. If you don’t attend the weekend posts, you are missing out!

The name of this Backblast will only be understood when your Middle School mind kicks in!!!

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