Yesterday YHC asked during COT who was Q’ng #TheCommons, in doing so YHC picked up the #ComRuckQ. String Bean thought he had a #ComRunQ, but later learned it was himself. PAX were there in decent numbers. YHC reached out to see if String had a route, made a suggestion what to do and so it was.

ComRun Thang

Cousin IT and YHC decided to cross the River and Go North for a beautiful, brisk Sunday morning out and back.

The runners numbered 5.

We made it to the Highway 11 intersection and checked our engines at Greenville Radiator then headed back to the flag.

One the way back, we were passed by an old pickup truck – no headlights – FLYIING down the Highway, it was craziness.

PLEASE BROTHERS – invest in some reflective gear and PLEASE WEAR IT anytime you are running or rucking in the dark!!!


String Bean Out

ComRuck Thang

We headed down 1st Street toward the Bridge, took a right at the first light and then a right at the next light. We ended up turning around right after GUC for the same route back. The idea was one that used to be frequent when rucking, go 2×2. Two PAX would lead for 10 minutes and then fall to the back of the pack. We were all able to maintain a strong pace and get over 3.75 miles in.


Aquaman’s court appointment Wednesday to get full custody of his 2.0’s!

Cold-Cut’s brother, Ted, has COVID.

Tonka’s friend Tony, loss of M.

YHC Closed us in prayer.


#QSource immediately following in the bunker! We had 11 PAX show-up!


Plan worked great, good to see flashed of the runners through the ruck! Good to have Achtung back, Phoenix (Kinston) and S’mores for their first #TheCommons post.

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