Last week, YHC posted at the commons.  It had been a long time since YHC posted there but was happy to be back with the group.  Fruity Pebbles had the Q, last week, and mentioned his original idea was to run the “hills” of Greenville… The limited number of “hills” Greenville has to offer.  Instead, we ran a down and back, but this sparked the idea for YHC’s Q.  It can never be too early to train for Blue Ridge.  YHC, Footloose and Gazelle ran for about 30 minutes before the beatdown (no EC… so close), 0530 came about and so we did…



We took a stroll down Evans and made our way to 10th St.



We made our way to “The Nipple.”  We ran over it a total of 4 times.

We then made our way down 10th St. and towards College Hill.  We ran up and down College Hill 2-3 times.

We then went back to Evans and towards the flag.

Most PAX were able to get 6 or more miles even while tackling hills.



YHC had to leave to go to work.  YHC was not there during these events.  Apologies.

However, if you are interested in coming to the Oval Office on Friday (which you should be interested), Footloose has the Q this week.



Every man in F3 has something to offer to the other PAX, and it shows during each beatdown.  Some are great at pushing the PAX to be physically better (Fitness), some are great at mumblechatter (Fellowship), some are great at getting others closer to His word (Faith).  Whatever it is you are good at use it to help your brother, either in the community or F3, who may be struggling in certain area.  We all struggle with certain areas of our lives, but when we bond together and take the opportunity to help a brother we become stronger individually and as a group.  Always be on the lookout to help someone who may be struggling and see what you can do to help them out.


I hope everyone has a blessed day.


– Captain Obvious

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