Over 2300 Americans died yesterday 78 years ago December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor. Let us not F O R G E T!!!!!!!!!!!!! We began with our Pledge of Allegiance.

The Direction: Down 1st Street to 5th Street then left to 10th. Right on 10th to the ECU Bookstore Parking Deck, back out to 10th, Right Turn to Evans, then back to the flags.

YHC prayed us out: Season Depression among people. Bono’s MIL with progressing lung cancer. Punch Out  has MRI this week. Easy Rider’s family. King Pin. Jaime Satterwhite-CC’s niece with chemo ahead. Our Nation. Let us Celebrate Life, family and friends.

Announcements: 2 weeks out, assist in Grimesland on Saturday helping unload a Christmas Food Truck at Blackjack Church. Q-Source by Noonan and Bono.

Merry Christmas Men………………..It is not about Stuff. We will forget about stuff. We forget not memories made! CC out

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