• When: 02/20/2021
  • QIC: Bono/Tonka

The day was February 23, 2015 when 8 of our friends from the City of Oaks traveled east to Greenville, NC..  These Men (Banjo, Tongue in Groove, Chong Li, Tiger Beat, Huffy, Floppy Disk, Larry David & Maize) were led east by Chong Li with the mission to expand F3 and share this gift with the men of Greenville.  I can still remember moseying to the Ball Field, where Maize announced we would partner up and do 140 Burpees as a team.  Not much for foreplay, eh?

We honor those leaders that initiated our movement to a point of advantage.  The Closed Hand, who held together a small AO on Saturdays at BLP for nearly a year with Cousin IT, Mellow Johnny and Early Bird, to introduce F3 to Greenville.  Papa Smurf, a true legacy leader, who led us further into our Journey as he assembled a larger group to meet at BLP on MWF and reached out to F3 for an official launch.  The men that have served as Site Qs (or Host Workout Qs, as Cousin IT would say) and regional Qs to exponentially advance our mission.

We must also show respect to the 1,000s of men that have participated in an F3ENC workout in the last 6 years.  These men chose the red pill.  They decided to take the harder road, set their alarms for 4:30, showed up at a dark and gloomy park, and began the Journey to becoming a High Impact Men.  It’s been an explosion of stronger/fitter men, authentic friendships, and intentional community leadership.  Many of these men have stayed.  Many have accomplished goals they could never imagined achieving.  Many have risen as leaders within our organization.  Many have taken the leadership lessons we learn early in the morning and have positively impacted their concentrica and our communities.

Finally, we must look forward to the future of F3 in ENC and the men that will lead the way.  The Eastern Fleet, comprised of the regions east of I95, are on a voyage to grow F3 in ways we never thought was possible in those early days.  This year’s anniversary is not only a celebration of where we came from but also where we are headed.  The overarching theme of this year’s celebration is the annual gathering of The Eastern Fleet and the continued cultivation of leadership in the East to focus on continue growth.  Let’s Dominate the East, Gentlemen!

We come together 0700 on February 20th, 2020 at The Town Commons to celebrate.  

1st F: 1 Hour Workout

  • Ruck Q:  Ma Bell
  • Run Q: Arkansas
  • Bootcamp Qs: Softshell, Silverado, Beer Garden

2nd F:  Following an hour long workout we will have breakfast and our annual F3 Superlative Award Ceremony (click here to vote).

3rd F: COT/BOM


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