It was a good thing YHC went over to bagel man for a brief visit following 116. The End was there and reminded YHC that he had the Q tomorrow at The Commons. Needless to say, I very much needed that reminder.

The goal was to get some BRR training miles in. 5 Ruckers went off and the rest of us headed towards 3rd street. Instructions were to run to 3rd Street Community Center and back to the top on the hill, repeating for a total of 5 trips down and back.

Then we headed to the 4th Street parking deck where we ran up the stairs as quickly as we could across the top of the deck and down the other stairs, only to do it again. We ran the stairs like this 2-4 times.

We then karaoke-ed half level and switch sides for the next half level. Then we did high knees up one full level and from there we sprinted to the top of the deck. Mosied down to the bottom for the infamous rinse and repeat. Some mumble chatter was sparked by “we are doing that again because it was so much fun”.

Once done with all the “shenanigans”, as Gazelle put it, we ran down 4th Street to Summit coming back for the 6, then down Summit to 1st and back for the 6 To finish strong we went further down Summit and turned left onto Avery. From there we had just enough time to make it back to the flag following Avery to the bridge, and back up 1st street.

Today, it was important to YHC to keep the PAX together. I have been to The Commons on several occasion when we leave the 6 behind and do an out/back. Today the 6 had company. It was also important for the plan to allow the PAX to push themselves as hard as they wanted. You are only cheating yourself on days like today, if you did not get enough.


  • Praise to all Mom’s in the world!
  • Abu’s dad (prostate cancer diagnosis)
  • Duff’s family (father passed away)
  • Juul’s mom (breast cancer surgery coming up)
  • Recounts family (wife passed away – battled cancer)
  • Captain Obvious’s (mom – Tracy breast cancer surgery coming up)


  • Qsource – head over to Krispy Kreme
  • Sasquatch – July 27th
  • BRR September 12th/13th

Thanks The End for the opportunity to Q! Happy to step up anytime and apologies for the delay in getting to the BB!!

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