The Stars and Stripes Streak had ended on July 4th.

YHC legs were fried.

Usually the Commons Q will plan and execute a running route.

YHC wanted to knock the dust off the ruck and join the ruckers.

YHC also had full TRUST that the running PAX would work together to come up with something on the fly.

And that is exactly what happened.

Cold Cut biked.

YHC and Skynyrd rucked. (Thanks for showing YHC the ropes brother!)

The rest of the runners hit the curve ball and everyone made it back safe and sound at 0630.

If there is one thing that YHC has learned in the last 5 years in F3 ENC it is trust.

Full trust in the band of brothers that are Living 3rd.

Love you guys.

-String Bean Out

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