The ruckers just walked. The rest of us ran. Here’s what we did on a humid morning with no breeze.

– South on Evans
– Right on Dickinson (go under the nipple)
– Right on 14th
– Right on 10th St (over the Nipple)
– Right on College Hill
– Right on 14th
– Right on Rock Springs
– Left on 10th (over the Nipple again)
– Left on 14th
– Left on Dicksonson
– Left on Evans – back to the flag

– Spalding’s Ankle
– Hipster’s M
– Furlough Family
– Captain Obvious mom
– Abu’s dad
– Duff’s family

YHC was the 6 most of the day. Past Due fell behind before the first nipple, Underdog (Happy Birthday), made a pit stop before the 2nd nipple … scared of a nipple?? YHC ended up with 6.0 miles; Cousin It and a few others had just shy of 7. Whether you wanted mileage, easy run with conversations or a mixture of both, good pace by everyone.

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