Lynard Skynyrd took the ruckers for a 3.6 mile loop and YHC set a 6.2 mile route for the runners (Down Cotanche, Left on 5th St, right on Elm St, right on 10th St, left on Charles St to Greenville Blvd and back)

Prayer Requests:  Prayers for the families in the fatal wreck on 264; Punch Out has a MRI; Prayers for Fruity’s family (death of Grandmother); Young man on 10th Street rucking alone (Rafiki invited him to F3); Starting F3 in Wilson; Prayers for all the new high school and college graduates

Announcements:  Sasquatch, July 31st.  Details coming soon.  SAVE THE DATE

Quote of the day: “Win the day every day and you will win the future” Mark Batterson

Thanks to String Bean for asking YHC to Q.  The Commons never disappoints.  Reach out and encourage someone to meet you at F3 this week.  It only takes ONE minute to send a text and ask

See you in the gloom



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