Wall Street asked me last night could he do a ruck workout today and I told him he was the Q!  I put the message out on twitter to bring equipment. YHC knew nobody would come but put it out anyway! The 3 amigos met at 0445 and got some EC in.

The Thang

  • Rucked down main street with alternating coupons. Got to the Library while one person would walk around with the keg overhead the other 2 were performing an exercise. One person would hold plank while holding other persons feet. The person on the ground would do WW2 with rucks overhead (20). Repeat until everybody gets a chance. Pick up the coupons and head back down main. Had fire alarm sound so all the trucks left the station. We wanted to see what was going on so we went and held peoples chair at the fire station wall. Still not sure what happened. Ruck back to the commons and pick up Wall Streets 80lb punching bag. Two pax would carry it around commons while other did foot release squats on bench. Keep rotating until everyone gets a turn. Next 2 PAX would drag the bag across the ground while the other person did durkins. Keep rotating until everybody gets a turn. 6:15.


  • Check the website
  • People come post in Farmville


Thanks Wall Street for stepping up to Q!

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