Had four for an EC ruck through the village.

The Thang:

  • Warm up lap around the shop
  • 4 coupons ( 2 60lb sand bags and 2 kegs)
  • 2 guys would do squats with sand bags while other pax carried the kegs around the shop, repeat until all have gone.
  • Same concepts except now carry sandbags and overhead press with kegs.
  • Coupon up and go for a stroll downtown.
  • Came back to veterans statue and dropped for 22 merkins. Go for a lap around the shop.
  • Held peoples chair under gazebo xmas tree and exchanged favorite xmas stories. I won’t give the names of the PAX but I will tell the stories
  • Getting boozed up and going knuckle deep in the grape juice at xmas eve service, A uncle drinking to much bourbon and asking how does a horse eat corn, Same drunk Uncle touching him too, Sending a picture of themselves to their brother as a present, A cousin telling him that he had a big trunk and could fit lots of bodies in his car. Great stories by all
  • Mary: Imperial Walkers


  • Jokers nephew
  • Wall Streets grandfather
  • Unspoken


Nice job Wall Street. Now if you could only do the backblast!

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