YHC was one of the first to Q The Doughnut Shop.  Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll be one of the last as well.  While there are a dedicated few PAX, this AO hasn’t seen the numbers it needs to stay viable.  The dedicated few do plan to continue rucking on Mondays and hope to get more PAX involved in other ways.

For today’s workout, YHC decided to deliver an female-themed beatdown.

Warm Up
Suzanne Somers Squats – toes point out

The Thang
Mosey to the playground equipment near the ball fields

Cindy – 20 Minute AMRAP – consisting of 5 Pull-Ups, 10 Merkins, and 15 Squats

Mosey back to the flag

Roxanne – PAX held plank and did a Merkin each time “Roxanne” was sung and a Plank Jack for each “red light”
Rosalita IC
Suzanne Somers #2 IC – PAX laid on their left sides with feet tucked up against their 6.  10 right leg lifts.  Flapjack, Repeato.
Dolly IC
Finished up with some Mary – American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, Flutter Kicks, WW2, Little Swimmies


-Joker’s nephew – Levi Lupton
-potential new PAX
-injured PAX
-PAX having surgery
-those still recovering from the storms

-Lunch tomorrow at Jack Brown’s (we need to schedule a PAX Lunch at FCHS Cafeteria)
-Sign up for a 5k this fall. Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving or something similar.

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