YHC, Scotty Moe and Bartman met for EC Ruck at 0430.. As we headed back to the flag we saw a head lamp bobbing in the distance and it was none other than Grammar..great to see you brother…we made it to the flag to find ATB waiting so we loaded him down with a 40 lb Ruck..welcome 

The goal was to log some miles with some PT so we would shuffle three quarters around the circle and perform the following exercises at the fountain

Merkins 4×10

Squats 4×10

Curls 4×10

Flutter kicks 4×20

The final stretch we lunged, backwards lunged, back petaled and Carioca to the flag for Mary which consisted of 20 of each bicycles, flutter kicks, WWII’s and LBC’s. we ended up with 5.5 miles with EC, solid work dudes!

Prayer Requests:

Grammar’s Father in law

Pied Piper


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