The guys in Farmville were looking for a Q for the Doughnut shop and YHC volunteered. Scotty Moe is very proud of his new Ruck so I offered to lead a ruck workout. 7 PAX showed up with 2 for EC and it went like this.

Warm up

10 Good Mornings IC

Circle up for plank/merkins 100

Ruck with coupons to First Christian Church for a super sucky sandbag ruck with kegs.

PAX broke up into groups and simultaneously performed

Group 1 with kegs:

Block 1 carry keg in left hand

Block 2 carry keg in right hand

Block 3 carry keg like a baby

Block 4 carry keg on your back

Group without sandbags:

Block 1 Ruck OH

Block 2 Ruck OH

Block 3 Ruck OH

Block 4 Ruck OH

Ruck to Farmville Funeral Home parking lot and partner up for leap frog plank down and back

Ruck back to the flag for catch me if you can around the commons with leader bear crawl while PAX perform 5 squats IC then shuffle to the leader.

Indian ruck 1 lap then rinse and repeat while passing the keg to the back and run it to the front and repeat.

To the flag for Mary, on your six and interlock arms and perform WWII’s 10,8,6,4,2,10

Prayer requests:

Dr. Randy Parker

Joker’s nephew Levi

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