YHC was the first Q for #TheDoughnutShop and maybe the last… Some PAX wanted another workout in the Village on Monday’s and they stopped posting. Bartman and Scotty Moe have stood by and haven’t missed! YHC was supposed to Q here a few months back, but lightning said otherwise! The plan didn’t vary much between the months, but YHC was more prepared. Tried to tag several Kotter’s and Fartsackers, but the Village people are just different…


10 Good Mornings IC

10 Cherry Pickers IC

The Thang

Today was all about the V I L L A G E!!!

Mosey down Main Street, stop at the first light for V – 10 V Up’s IC.

Continued mosey to next light for V, then I – 10 Imperial Walkers IC.

Continued mosey to next light for V I, then L – 10 Right Leg Lunges IC.

Cross Road and mosey back to next light for V I L, then L – 10 Left Leg Lunges IC.

Continued mosey to next light for V I L L, then A – 10 American Hammers IC.

Turned right onto Wilson to next light for V I L L A, then G – 10 Groiners IC.

Mosey back to the #ShovelFlag for V I L L A G, then E – Elevens (Clorax Merkins and Foot Release Squats around the circle).

Just in case there were any questions on the spelling, we went on our sixes and spelled V I L L A G E with our legs.

Then YHC favorite, 10 Medium Pace WWII, 10 Fast Pace WWII, then slow it down for 10 WWII.


Mentioned, but known throughout these parts to pray for these guys to come out and post. There’s only 7 days a week, F3 is only there 3 days…

YHC has a Co-worker, Pete, with Lymphoma going through Chemotherapy.

YHC closed us in prayer.


YHC has the Q @ #TheSandlot tomorrow!

Scotty Moe has the Q @ #TheGoodFight on Thursday!


Bartman and Scotty Moe want to keep pushing this AO, it will turn into Rucking as they are going down the Pathfinder trail. The Village roads are highly traveled in the morning, perhaps an earlier workout or just driving around in their cars are what the people want??? There are some nice sidewalks and areas to walk, hopefully some Ruckers will join them as the Ruck out. #TClaps to Scotty Moe and others that are signed up to do the GoRuck light this week! The most effective way to post is to sign up for an event, it’s the only way you will get better too! Challenge yourself and your brothers, if the Village People can do it, so can you!!!

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