Oxy asked YHC a few weeks ago to Q this morning and I totally forgot.  Luckily, he reminded me yesterday via Slack.  So with not much time to spare to write up a Kettlebell beatdown, YHC did what any manly HIM would do.  I looked up kettlebell workouts on Pinterest.  Yes, I admit it, I love Pinterest.  Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about the workout.

5:30 am EST


Pledge of Allegiance


SSH IC x 20

Good mornings IC x 10

Abe Vigodas IC x 10

Arm Burners IC x 10

Take one lap around the Farmers Market.

The Thang

KB shoulder rolls 10 each arm

KB Figure 8 through the legs x 10

Halos 1 x 10

The following exercises were done with sets of 3 x 10 with approximately 20 seconds between each set

KB goblet squats

KB swings

KB deadlifts

KB bent over rows

KB high pulls

KB overhead press

KB curls for the girls

KB tricep extensions

We still had some time left so we added the exercises below.

KB American hammers IC 2 x 10

KB V ups 2 x 10

KB crunches 2 x 10

KB flutterkicks 1 x 10

KB bench press 1 x 30

KB merkins 1 x 10

KB pullovers 1 x 10

KB figure 8s for abs 1 x 10

Count a rama

Name O rama


Prayers/Praises-  Albertson family that lost everything due to fire, ongoing Covid concerns

Announcements- Tuesday LC105 and The Swamp


Moleskin:  Great work today by all.  Mumblechatter was awesome.  I really enjoy the fellowship with the guys in the morning.  Makes it easy to wake up when you have people you enjoy working out with and encouraging each other.


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