Grout put on slack he needed a Q as he had a shoulder injury and needed a Q.  I typically wait for a little bit to see if someone else jumps on it, so when I saw nobody had I knew I should take it.  I struggled with an idea then the farmer carry idea came to me.  Knew I had to incorporate that, I then checked some recent backblasts and wanted to focus on the rounds. Met up for EC with Rafiki, Silverback, and Hot Spot.  I wasn’t feeling well so had to take two restroom breaks on the run so I was worried about Qing.  All good though, got it together and was ready to roll.

NoIDeer also did a solo EC Ruck.

The Thang:

Directions were simple and focused on low, but quality reps.  High reps mean guys sacrifice form and I have seen some Miley Cyrus squats lately trying to get a high number completed. Form was key today and just focused on lower numbers but rounds.

Round 1: Partner up with similar weight.  One partner carries while other does exercises.  Did both exercises and 2 carries each round.

Farmer Carry two weights to second tree.

Ranger Merkin

Copper Head Squat

Round 2 Same directions but to the first well.

Side Lunge

Carolina DD (Mumblechatter strong for this one.)

Round 3.

One run to teardrop while partner Mule kicks.

Second part of the workout, 3 exercises 10 minute rounds.

15 KB Swings

15 Goblet Squats

14 Plank-Rows

Lap around playground

Final Round

10 Rafter Pull-Ups

10 Picnic table sit-ups with weight

10 Snatches (5 each arm)

1 Burpee at the flag and done.

Prayer Request:

Hot Spot and the C12 spiritual battle they are constantly facing.

Rafiki and a former student in the hospital with an emergency appendectomy.

Many injured/ recovering PAX.

Captain Obvious mom and Abu’s dad.


Sasquatch July 27th.  All hands on deck needed.  Support, running, rucking this is a major event so many hands are needed to pull this off.  See me for any questions and how to help.


Fun workout by all, I get accused multiple times of having couch Q’s and of course we all are guilty of this from time to time.  This however was not a couch Q!  I get fixated on an idea like today was the Farmer Carry and I think about how to do it and bring the most pain.  My second thought was form, so I wanted to take into account good form for all the PAX.  High reps are OK sometimes, but guys sacrifice form.  Quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb.



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