Kettlebells and mumble chatter is indeed a great way to start your day.  (Next opportunity is this Saturday at Boyd Lee Beatdown with Abu.)  For today though, 10 showed up and all greeted Cousteau with accolades of respect for his (and Noonan’s and Grout’s) accomplishments at Bragg Heavy.  T-Claps given.

5:30 – disclaimer given and Pledge of Allegiance spoken by all.

Warm-ups: YHC tried to focus on movements to that would get the blood flowing and muscles ready for KB exercises.   Thus, we did big arm circles (one arm at a time), forwards and backwards to get the shoulders ready.  Then, torso twists followed by hip circles (clockwise and counter-clockwise).  Next was a modified warrior stretch.  Standard squats (w/out KB weight) followed by squat twists.  Finally, we did punch jacks and finished with a mosey to traffic light and back.

The Thang:  YHC believes it is referred to as a ‘Deck of Death’, but with the HIMs that posted this gloom…it was simply a Deck of Cards.  The exercises were as follows:  Spades = Goblet Squats; Diamonds = KB Swings (alternating between American and Russian swings each diamond card); Hearts = Clean & Press (# of reps done by each hand/arm); and Clubs = Dead Lifts.  There were two Jokers kept in the deck for a surprise/change up to the workout, but we were just shy of getting to the first one when time ran out.  I’ll save the Joker surprise for some other time.

The fun part about a deck of cards is keeping circled up with your brothers.  It allows ample opportunity for good F2 fellowship with plenty of mumble chatter.  The PAX gave plenty and it was good.  We must’ve done some good F1 along the way though as the mumble chatter did die down a little the further into the deck of cards we got.  All push hard as done week in and week out at The Good Fight!  Thanks again Candy Cane for the opportunity to lead.  Your energy as site Q for The Good Fight is contagious, continue doing you!

COT/BOM – The Closed Hand has received a job offer (congrats).  SHOWBOAT, M, 2.0, and newest 2.0 all doing well (awesome).  Keep in prayers Punchout’s 2.0/family, and Baby Asher/Sheets family as well.  Prayer, Baby Croc has pink eye/Praise, Yellow Brick hooked kid/parents up with a script to get treatment underway.  Ball Drop: job search – lost job this past week.  Prayers for safe travels for Farmer Fran and lacrosse team to Liberty University this weekend.  Prayers for Scotty Moe and his family as his brother would have been 39 this Saturday.  If you know anyone struggling with addiction then reach out to them.  Cousteau lifted up prayers for two of the members of Bragg Heavy who were med dropped.  Prayers for each to be okay (twisted knee for one and the other collapsed early but returned).  YHC prayed us out with both words and moments of silence.  A lot shared.  A lot to pray for, continue the prayers brothers.

Moleskin – I profess to KBs being intimidating as far as Q’ing a KB workout.  If you share that sentiment, I highly recommend you post at Boyd Lee Beatdown.  Any Saturday, but particularly when Abu Qs.  He is very intentional with his demonstrations and encouraging towards your success and enjoyment of a KB workout.  Both, Saturdays at BLP as well as Thursdays at The Good Fight, are worth frequenting to help accelerate from the benefits of a KB workout.  I like rucking (haven’t yet done it enough though).  I long for the endurance gained from running (running AOs).  And Boot Camps are always fun.  However, I feel the benefits from a KB workout the most and for a more enduring time post workout.  If you haven’t given it a try yet, then YHC encourages you to do so.  If you have, keep up the good work!

Announcements – PAX lunch tomorrow at Moe’s (weathering permitting) from 11:45AM -12:45PM.  (Update, given weather forecast): regarding tomorrow AOs and who is Q’ing – plan is to converge at #FirstAid, SYITG!

Slalom out.

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