YHC arrived just before 0500 to pay his penance for leaving his shovel-flag at The Sand Lot on Tuesday.  Psycho and Grout had already left on an EC Ruck.  As the customary 50 burpees were nearing completion, Fruity Pebbles arrived.  We took off on a run around the AO until 5:25.  More PAX began arriving, including an FNG.

Warm Up

-20 SSH
-20 Flutter Kicks
-20 Merkins
-Run a lap, meet back at picnic shelter

The Thang
Ciabatta (30 seconds AMRAP, 10 seconds of rest), 2 sets for each round

Round 1:
Pull Ups, Goblet Squats, Lunge Presses, Sumo-Squat High-Pulls – All with a side of mumble chatter

Round 2:
Russian (chest high) Swings, Triceps extensions, Overhead Squats, KB Step-Ups

During round 2, the mumble chatter progressed. It was stated that it felt like a sauna under the shelter, so we took off on a run around the AO to clear the air.

Round 3:
Right-Arm Plank Rows, WW1 (with KB), Curls for the Girls, Left-Arm Plank Rows

Line up by the flag, pick a partner
-Partner carry to first tree and back. Flapjack
-Partner 1 bear crawl to first tree and back. Partner 2 burpees AMRAP, Flapjack
-Partner 1 farmers carry to first tree and back, Partner 2 WW2 AMRAP, Flapjack
-Partner 1 sprint around circle, Partner 2 chest press AMRAP, Flapjack

-PAX and families seeking employment
-YHC’s dad
-AquaMan’s mom
-Finn Jones
-Blue Ridge Relay training trip this weekend

-Sign up for the IronPAX challenge and represent F3-ENC

-I was quite nervous before this workout.  I haven’t posted at a KB workout in a while, so I wasn’t sure how my body would hold up.  Luckily, the q-juice pulled me through.  It’s always great to have an FNG when you’re q-ing, so that helped as well.  T-Claps to Leprechaun. He persevered through some exercise that weren’t in his wheel-house, but was able to finish them off.

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